Good Luxe Studio

Good Luxe Studio is a creative channel that was born from a sustainable passion of Mollie Larsen. While Mollie enjoys creating content on her first lifestyle blog ”All About Good Vibes”, she saw the need from her readers for sustainable focused content. Instead of adding another category on her existing blog, she decided to pursue the sustainability journey and share it with her current and new audience.

Good Luxe Studio isn't a typical sustainable studio. We mainly focus on high-quality goods that make you feel you are living a luxurious life ranging from skincare to living space items.

We stand behind sustainability and ethical practices as we believe that we would all live happily ever after if we care and respect one another and these include mankind, the environment, and living organisms.

Our Reader

Good Luxe Insider

Our reader is the modern woman of simplicity who loves classic pieces. She loves giving back to our planet while being mindful of the impact she makes on others.

Good Luxe Studio is a place for her to live the feeling of a luxurious life without having the consequences of sacrificing the joys of life. Because she loves learning, her interests include sustainable styles and ways of living that benefit us all.

With Good Luxe Studio, her ethical and sustainable adventure will not compromise the luxurious feel she lives to have.

About Me

Mollie Larsen

Mollie Larsen is a creative director, digital content creator, entrepreneur, wife, and mother. She sees opportunities in everything life gives her. Looking at the bright side is something Molly is really good at. She loves spending time with her family, enjoys homemade food while listening to her and her husband's favorite playlist.

"Live your life with purpose. Now and Always. Without purposes, you are not living your life."
- Mollie Larsen

Mollie Larsen has experience of creating content since 2016 at All About Good Vibes. Having a family of her own and noticing how fast time goes by, she has realized the impact she plays on the planet. Her daughter loves watching National Geographic and influenced Mollie’s decision to embark on an ethical and sustainable mission.

She sees how crucial the clothes we wear and the lifestyle we live have consequences on animals and our planet. Knowing the decisions we make can have dramatic effects, Mollie began adopting a new way of living that included more ethical and sustainable choices. She wants to do the best she can now and knows that every day is another step to complete sustainable and ethical living.

Mollie created Good Luxe Studio with a mission to educate others on sustainable finds and how that shouldn’t compromise the joys of life.

Frequently Asked Questions


Are you vegan?


No, but I stopped eating dairy after reading one of my daughter's coloring books about dairy cow cruelty. Also, every year, I choose not to eat meat for three months because of my beliefs.


What is your style?


I consider my style feminine with a hint of a cool and classic feel.


Where do you like to shop?


Reformation, Sephora and CB2.