Twenty-Five Clean, Sustainable Makeup Brands I Am Currently Loving | Part 1

April 9, 2020


Tucson, Arizona

I adopted clean beauty over five years ago when I found out that I was pregnant with my first daughter. Since then, clean beauty, including skincare and makeup, has been a big part of my everyday routine.

Mollie Larsen

In today’s post, I will be discussing what clean beauty is and 25 clean makeup brands that you should know. I will be reviewing each of these below brands in my future blog posts. Stay tuned!

What Is Clean Beauty?

Clean beauty is the term for beauty products that are ethically made and contain no toxic ingredients. They consist of primarily plant-based and organically produced ingredients. As a result, clean beauty products made with a purpose to not harm the planet, animals, and humans during every step of productions.

So with that in mind, clean beauty products are also sustainably made. Not only is clean beauty about clearing out harmful ingredients for the consumer, but it’s also about responsible sourcing of clean ingredients.

What Is Sustainability?

Sustainability is when you have a constant supply of material. With beauty products, its the continued harvesting of materials that can be used and will never run out. (source)

In clean beauty, sustainability is a big part of the formula because its purpose is not to harm the planet.

When you have a supply of materials to manufacture a beauty product, you want to make sure the amount will never run out benefits both the consumer and the planet.

What Is Considered Ethical Makeup

Ethical makeup is where the production of a product contains no animal products, is cruelty-free, organic/ natural, and does not harm the planet.

It’s where a brand will take that extra step to ensure the safe production and consumption of a product without looking for monetary gain. Just like in ethics, you are caring more about how your actions impact others and making that a priority.

Why Choose Clean Beauty?

Now that you know about what clean beauty is, how sustainability plays a big part, and why ethical makeup is essential, let’s learn a little more about toxic ingredients.

Toxic ingredients are harmful to your body and should avoid whenever possible. It’s widespread to find toxic chemicals in your everyday makeup, but you might not know what they are doing to you.

What Are The Harmful Toxins Found In Makeup Products?

There are thousands of harmful toxins out there that different companies use in their makeup products. All of which have adverse effects on our health when used.

Below I have compiled a list of the top 10 toxic ingredients you should avoid whenever possible.

  • Parabens
    • Parabens are chemicals that prolong the shelf life of your beauty products. However, they have been shown to create cancer-causing estrogen in your body. Too much estrogen production is not suitable for the body and may lead to cancer. (source)
  • Phthalates
    • Phthalates are a family of chemicals that are linked to developmental disorders, reproductive problems, and cancer. Research has conducted shows that pregnant women’s exposure to Phthalates has had adverse effects on the unborn baby changing the hormone structure. 
  • Fragrance
    • Added fragrances to beauty products can irritate eyes, nose, and throat. On a more severe level, too much exposure leads to health problems such as cancer, reproductive and developmental toxicity, allergies, and sensitivities. (source)
  • Synthetic Colors
    • Synthetic colors are chemically derived ingredients that provide a more intense and vivid look to a product. When these ingredients are created in the lab, they have an increased chance of causing cancer. (source)
  • Triclosan
    • Triclosan is an antimicrobial agent that causes adverse effects on your thyroid. A study found that Triclosan decreased thyroid hormone concentrations and enhanced the productions of estrogen-sensitive genes. (source)
  • Sodium Laurel Sulfate and Sodium Laureth Sulfate
    • Sulfates are used in beauty products such as soaps and shampoos to give a substantial lather and cleaning impression. According to Healthline, sulfates derived from petroleum are associated with climate change, pollution, and greenhouse gases. Not only that, but SLS and SLES can irritate your skin, eyes, and lungs with prolonged use.
  • Formaldehyde
    • Formaldehyde is a known human carcinogen that causes cancer through a slow chemically reaction. Its intended uses are to prolong the shelf life of your beauty products. (source)
  • Toluene
    • Toluene is a toxic chemical used in beauty products. Being exposed to toluene can cause headaches, dizziness, cracked skin, and even damage to your reproductive system and lead to respiratory complications. (source)
  • Propylene Glycol
    • Although not as potent as Ethylene Glycol, propylene glycol is still harmful to your body. According to research, Propylene glycol acts as a CNS depressant that causes ataxia, dysarthria, and confusion. (source)

Clean Makeup Brands

Clean makeup brands are brands that follow the clean beauty movement and avoid adding all the above ingredients and more to their makeup products.

Here I have listed 25 clean makeup brands I love for you to take a look below.


Challenging convention is never easy but the benefits are transformational. Inspired by the purity of light + elemental energy of Taos, New Mexico, Vapour’s clean color formulas offer sublime alternatives to conventional makeup. Vapour embraces formulation performance while honoring deep commitments to ingredient purity, transparency, inclusivity + sustainability.


Image Credit: @sundayskin30a

OLIO E OSSO is a line of beautiful nourishing balms that are locally sourced in Oregon. Each balm is made in small batches by hand with shea oils, olive oils, and bound together by natural beeswax. The ingredients are minimally processed which allows for the goodness that is in them to be fully transferred to your skin. These versatile products are safe to lather all over your lips, face, body, and hair.


Image Credit: @dewfordays

At Glossier, they make products designed with your real beauty routine in mind. 100%, not animal tested.


Image Credit: @elisabetstyles

SPELA Cosmetics is a Portland, Oregon based company that is committed to creating high quality, long wearing formulas that are vegan, cruelty free and non-toxic.


Image Credit: @skinnaddict

Great beauty begins with a great foundation. Cover FX has created healthy, innovative beauty products in a global shade palette that covers every skin tone and skin type. Developed for even the most sensitive skin, Cover FX formulas contain ingredients rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and essential skin emollients, yet still provide weightless full coverage. Everything you need and nothing you don’t—Cover FX is free of the Inflammatory 5: mineral oil, fragrance, gluten, parabens, and talc. Celebrate the freedom to be simply incredible, yet always incredibly you.


Image Credit: @trendmood1

At Milk Makeup, they believe in good ingredients + epic payoff. They’re cruelty-free, paraben-free, and 100% vegan. Born at Milk, a creative studio in downtown New York City, their community and culture has always been an inspiration. They see personal style and experimentation as the ultimate forms of self-expression. It’s not just about how you create your {make up} look; it’s what you do in it that matters. #LiveYourLook


Image Credit: @makeupsessions

New York-based makeup artist Rose-Marie Swift has been a prominent authority in the beauty industry for over 20 years. After experiencing serious health problems years ago, she learned that working in the cosmetic industry caused her body to absorb toxic levels of heavy metals, including aluminum, lead, mercury, pesticides, and other harsh chemicals. After stabilizing her health, Rose-Marie created RMS Beauty, a completely organic cosmetic line that offers a wide range of elegantly colored cosmetics that pamper the skin with pure, natural ingredients. The philosophy behind RMS Beauty is that every woman has the right to feel great, look fabulous and live well.


Image Credit: @bananaz_makeup

Kosås comes from the philosophy of the five interconnected layers, or “kosås” of the self: the physical, energetic, mental, intellectual, and soul. Developed with botanically rich formulas to cultivate beauty on every level, these colors flatter and illuminate a range of skin tones.


Image Credit: @henneorganics

Henne Organics founder Laura Xiao uses the most nourishing organic ingredients to create luxurious, elevated lip care that will redefine your routine. Each scrub and balm – packaged in beautiful Miron violet glass – guarantees a well-hydrated pout that gleams with good health.


Image Credit: @jeansandateacup

Founded by Cheryl Yannotti Foland in Northern California, lilah b. is a cosmetics line that is equally as chic as it is good for you. The brand supplies a minimalistic collection of products that encourage women to simplify their makeup by using fewer products. Encased in the brand’s signature sleek and modern packaging, lilah b. is devoted to creating high-performing and multi-purpose products. The brand’s unique formula is comprised of nourishing and moisturizing ingredients found in nature. Vegan and cruelty-free, each lilah b. product is formulated without parabens, phthalates, sulfates and synthetic fragrances and stays true to their philosophy: “With less, you are more.”


Image Credit: @iloveandreea

Pixi by Petra (formerly Pixi Beauty) is an awakening skincare line for busy women who want the appearance of healthy, radiating, well-rested skin. Created over ten years ago by Petra Strand, an experienced makeup artist, product developer, and mother of two, this line is designed to help women feel their best, regardless of how little time they have to spend on makeup application. Infused with natural botanicals and skin-benefiting ingredients, Pixi by Petra’s mission is to help women look naturally beautiful by looking like themselves, only better. With its awakening concealers, bronzers, highlighters and shimmers, this line accentuates and rejuvenates key areas of the face that tend to need a pick-me-up the most.


Image Credit: @thrivecausemetics

Thrive Causemetics was born out of a friendship. Makeup artist and product developer, Karissa Bodnar, lost her dear friend Kristy to cancer at just 24 years old. Kristy’s compassionate and vivacious spirit inspired Karissa to establish Thrive Causemetics, a beauty brand, and philosophy that goes beyond skin deep by empowering women. Thrive Causemetics is Bigger Than Beauty™️: For every product you purchase, we donate to help a woman thrive. We believe changing the world starts with a single ingredient, and that’s why we create vegan, 100% cruelty-free formulas containing proven ingredients without the use of parabens or sulfates.


Image Credit: @rachael_brook

Charlotte Tilbury is cruelty-free; their products and ingredients are not tested on animals. They also offer many vegan products as well.


Image Credit: @thegreenbelle

W3LL PEOPLE is an uncommon beauty dream team founded by an elite makeup artist, cosmetic dermatologist and tree-hugging entrepreneur. We’re passionate about making positive choices in life, particularly when it comes to self-care. Skin, our largest organ, absorbs about 80% of what we put on it. This crucial fact drives our mission to create super-premium quality cosmetics without using the potentially harmful artificial chemicals found in most conventional makeup. State-of-the-art, all-natural formulas effortlessly deliver flawless coverage and soothing protection that’s unbelievably light.


Image Credit: @rosalierouge

Simple but not plain, beautiful but always genuine, Kjaer Weis delivers conscious beauty without compromise. Founded by Danish-born makeup artist Kirsten Kjaer Weis living in New York City, KW fuses a minimalist Scandinavian aesthetic with an unapologetic NYC spirit, creating makeup that is as beautiful on your skin as it is to hold in its uniquely designed and sustainable case. All their ingredients are certified natural or certified organic with products that always reach the standards of luxury beauty—makeup that works with your skin, not against it.


Image Credit: @margaux.zanetti

Alima Pure cosmetics are crafted from minimal ingredients for maximum impact. Designed for the modern, confident woman, our cosmetics are luxurious, high-performance, and made from only the purest natural ingredients. Alima Pure seeks to redefine makeup as an empowering tool of self-expression through our diverse range of foundation shades and inspiring colors. They believe makeup should enhance your best features without hiding who you are. You should be able to find an amazing foundation match and colors that inspire your self-expression.


Image Credit: @cleancurator

Starting with an organic botanical juice base, Juice Beauty skincare delivers highly effective results without the use of inexpensive fillers. These nutrient and antioxidant-rich products help fight the signs of aging and defy blemishes.


Image Credit: @Beautycounter

Beautycounter puts an enormous amount of energy and resources into advocating for legislation and labeling that will help us all feel better about the products we put on our bodies. Needless, to say, their banned ingredient list is one of the most thorough in this space.


Image Credit: @vanessamartinez77

Founded by Amy Carr and Mary Schulman, p/y/t Beauty is a line of high-performance makeup made with safe ingredients. Carr and Schulman believe in products that are safe, affordable, and work really well. p/y/t Beauty products are clean, safe, and  infused with only healthy and beneficial ingredients like Vitamin E and Olive Leaf extract.

100% PURE

Image Credit: @thoughtfulmisfit

Founded with the purest intentions possible, 100% Pure strives to create all-natural, cruelty-free skincare products with an environmentally conscious mindset. All formulations are made without any chemicals, synthetics, fragrances or dyes, to ensure what reaches your face is safe and pure.


Image Credit: @rachael_brook

Bite beauty was founded on a simple premise: what you put on your lips should be as good as what you put in your mouth. And we didn’t want to settle for “good-for-you,” we wanted “damn-that’s-good” performance, too: luxurious textures and high-pigment color, for #stylewithbite in every swipe.


Image Credit: @hone.evolution

“At LAWLESS, we’re committed to providing beauty products that are Always Free of ingredients that harm your skin, your health, the earth, and animals. We don’t take the term ‘clean’ lightly. We really are Clean AF. None of our ingredients are known to be cancer-causing or endocrine disrupting.” —Annie Lawless, Founder, and CEO


Image Credit: @jilliandempsey

A professional makeup artist, Jillian Dempsey is best known for beautifying young Hollywood for their most important red carpet appearances. Building on her artistic skills as a painter “making up” the faces of celebrities, Jillian enjoys developing new products and pioneering beauty trends. She hand selects organic and naturally-derived ingredients when formulating her makeup line.


Image Credit: @glamorable

Au Naturale Cosmetics offers organic, non-toxic, and cruelty-free makeup free of parabens, nano-particles, carmine, gluten, and sulfates.


Image Credit: @beauties.lab

Developed by a multidisciplinary team of skin scientists and nutritionists, Grown Alchemist has developed a unique, natural, and holistic beauty system using pure, high-quality active ingredients.

I hope you found this post helpful for your next clean makeup shopping. I am planning to do the second part introducing more of the clean makeup brands I found.

Also, my reviews of each brand and individual product will be up in my future posts as well.

Thank you again for stopping by Good Luxe Studio.

Stay tuned for more #GoodLuxe content!

Have a happy weekend and stay safe!


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